• Own crops developed

    in a sustainable way

  • 100% natural Amazonian

    Essential Oils

    Natural, organic and pure.

    We make and distribute Amazonian essential oils collecting raw materials from our sustainably developed crops in Peru. We generate income for native populations, which contribute to the integral conservation of the Peruvian Amazon.
    100% natural and biological process, from germination to our laboratory. With a strict follow-up so as not to lose the purity and essence of our products.

    About us

    From the beginning we have a clear mission: quality and production with top quality. Because of our R & D, we monitor the entire process, first from germination to harvest in our plantations, and then until the reception of raw materials in our laboratory to be analyzed and processed in a totally natural way, complying with strict protocols. That guarantee the quality of our flavored essential oils.

    From Finca Paraíso in Iquitos, Peru, we select the best shoots to make the oils and offer the highest quality complying with strict European standards. By extracting the oils directly from the leaves, roots, flowers and trees, it is possible to maintain all the specific properties of each plant.

    Our clients

    We provide to

    Cosmetics & perfumery

    Pharma & Health Sector

    Raw material distributor


    Plaza Altozano, 11 - Piso 4 DR - Albacete (España)
    Teléfono: +34 654971719
    Email: export@essensil.es

    Crops and Factory

    Carretera Iquitos Nauta, km 39,7 (Perú)
    Teléfono: +51 930 424 951
    Email: fincaparaiso@essensil.es